“Since records began in the 1950's, property has doubled in value every 7-10 years on average”

Types of Property

We place a huge emphasis on sourcing the highest quality property stock in areas which have excellent fundamentals for capital growth. Inward investment and job creation are drivers of property demand. Areas where supply is lower than demand make the ideal property investments.

We source and promote a wide range of property including; life tenancy properties, student accommodation investments, high yield property such as hotel rooms / leisure properties, buy-to-let investments, below market value, commercial properties/businesses and off plan developments from reliable developers who have a track record in delivering properties on time.

Residential - Tenanted (Including HMOs)

Investors who buy residential property for investment purposes are often classified as Buy 2 Let investors. Most residential tenancy contracts in the UK are for 6 or 12 month periods. Typically properties that are not popular with private buyers offer the best yields for Buy to Let investors such as those which front on to busy roads, back on to railways, sit above commercial premises, are ex local authority, etc. Yields are often better because purchase prices are lower for one or more reasons which has removed a large portion of private buyers as prospective purchasers. However, many tenants see a property as temporary and so are more relaxed about taking a view on living in a property that has a negative features.

Houses of Multiple Occupants (HMOs)

Residential Houses with Multiple Occupants (HMOs) are defined as being properties rented out by at least 3 people who are not from 1 “household” (ie. a family) but share facilities like the kitchen and sometimes bathrooms. Also referred to as “house shares”, HMOs are popular with both tenants and landlords because for tenants, the rent is often more affordable and for landlords, gross yields are generally higher than those that can be generated by standard buy to let property.

Student Accommodation

With the number of students on the rise, the Student Accommodation market is booming. Demand has never been higher for purpose built student accommodation, and this is reflected in the high amount of investments currently in the market. It is considered to be the UK’s highest yielding property sector. Obviously student accommodation developments are fully managed and van also offer Assured Rental Incomes.

Care/Retirement Homes

The number of over 65s in the UK is increasing four times faster than the general and with over £1,200bn in unmortgaged housing wealth (in England alone), the “baby boomer” generation is one of the wealthiest. This is having a positive knock on effect for the Care / Retirement Homes with the luxury sector reporting net margins of 40%. Another hands off asset class, all Care/Retirement home investments are managed by experienced providers and with many investors being paid their yields on a monthly basis (typically around 10%) new developments are often over subscribed.


Investors have long been known to purchase hotel rooms for buy to-let investment purposes. This type of investment first started in the USA and has since taken off all across Europe and is now the UKs fastest growing hospitality sector. Investing in a hotel room is simple; the investor buys the hotel room and then sub leases it to the hotel operator who in turn manages the day to day running along with generating bookings.

Farms / Land

The primary reason investors rely on Farms, Farmland and other types of land as an investment opportunity is that it has a long history of producing stable returns with low volatility, consistent capital value increases combined with good yields. An increasing number of private investors are buying farmland attracted by rising land prices and the asset’s favorable tax status on the basis that it qualifies for agricultural property relief, which means that the value of the agricultural land is exempt from inheritance tax (IHT) after two years. (This is provided the owner actively farms the land or has a farming contract in place based on shared profit.) Speculative land investment is also an increasingly popular approach taken by investors from Woodland to Brownfield sites, land ownership is probably one of the safest forms of holding assets and can potentially offer large increases in its capital value if its usage classification can be changed, for example permission being granted to develop a site for either residential or commercial purposes.

Other Commercial

Commercial Property such as industrial/office/retail etc. is an attractive proposition for many investors due to the longer term lease commitments made by tenants which provides good yield stability and security in addition to stable consistent growth. Direct ownership of commercial property is a tangible asset that can be easily modified, renovated, redeveloped and reviewed as the market changes, giving investors significant control over how to respond to shifting trends and occupier needs and this is evermore prevalent with the relaxation and increased flexibility of commercial planning laws. Furthermore, commercial tenants are typically responsible for building maintenance and repairs, especially where a full repairing and insuring lease (FRI lease) is in place.

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