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Reasons For Selling

You might be in a similar situation to the majority of the property owners who seek our assistance to ensure the fast sale of their properties for any one of a number of different reasons including:

Hasn’t sold having been on an estate agents books for months. . .

Depending on the state of the property market, sometimes, some properties just wont sell. That doesn't necessarily mean that the agent has done a bad job, it’s more likely that like the majority of estate agents, yours just follows the traditional approach of advertising your property through a portal and relying on the right buyer with a mortgage in place. And there lies a major problem in itself as according to a BBC report in October 2018, only 60% of the population are eligible for a mortgage. So by not adopting an intuitive approach to selling your property, you are closing your door to a massive 40% of the population before you’ve even instructed your agent.

Landlords selling their Portfolio

We find buyers for Landlords who want to sell anything from one of their properties through to the disposal of their entire portfolio including dealing with tenanted properties (and in many cases without the need to evict your tenants and enabling them to stay in situ throughout the sale process with the new owner becoming their landlord)   Typically many landlords use auction houses to dispose of their properties and as such are likely to loose anything between 25 to 40% of the RICS market value.  We have the ability for you to achieve up to 120% of your property value.


If you are an executor who has been instructed by the beneficiaries to sell a property or if you have inherited a property that you want to sell, often the costs and hassle of waiting for it to be sold, making repairs or managing the utilities and bills can be prohibitive, especially in a time of grief and other stress. We can organise for your  probate property to be sold within weeks and are sensitive to the special needs of our customers in this situation, taking the time to listen to their concerns and finding a solution that works for them.


One of the most common reasons to sell a property to us is when individuals or couples who are looking to downsize their home after retirement. Our retiree clients do not want the stress and time of an open market sale and find the quick-sale solution offered by us to fit their need for a fast fuss free sale.


If you are heading overseas and need to dispose of your property we can organise for your property to be sold before you leave or also once you are already abroad.


If you need to sell your property due to a relocation, we can help, completing on your timeline or even after you have left.

Financial difficulties / Debt

Once we have agreed to work with each other, our experienced expert team can contact creditors on your behalf to buy you time to meet your payments pending the completion of your house sale, ending the stress of financial problems. We are always discreet and caring about difficult situations.

Avoiding Repossession

Unfortunately some of our clients face imminent repossession to the point where under normal circumstances it would be too late to stop proceedings however our expert  team have the necessary experience to deal with an aggrieved lender with a view to  structuring a proposal which will save and stop the repossession.  We are always discreet and caring about difficult situations.

Relationship Breakdown

In the event of a divorce or other relationship breakdown, assets often need to be monetised quickly to support two households. Selling the shared home also can ease communication between the parties. We have extensive experience with these sensitive situations and are able to ensure that the process is less stressful for all involved.


When a property is ill, the last thing they need is the stress and hassle of an open-market sale. We are able to make a difficult time easier by quickly taking care of the sale, allowing the property owner to focus on healing.

Short Leases

If you have a property with a short lease, it is likely to be difficult to sell on the open market however our intuitive approach means that we can get your property sold fast.

End of Mortgage Term

If you need to sell your property because your mortgage term is ending, we will be able to move quickly for a fast sale to avoid you being subject to large cash bills.

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