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International Property

Our Global Markets division introduces our clients to intelligent international investors who are attracted to and positively influenced by high rental returns and potential for capital growth.

Along with individuals who are seeking to diversify their portfolio in the international markets, we help commercial entities and corporate institutions who invest in property as a means of diversifying their exposure to different asset classes.

The opportunities that international property investments can offer are endless. So many high net worth individuals invest internationally for so many reasons including dual citizenship's and healthcare/education/tax incentives. With such a varied choice of investment options, we are often asked “where should I/we invest?” Whilst we can not answer that question for you, (due to your own personal or company circumstances) it is important to keep in mind the importance of researching the culture and way of life of the country you invest in, gauge the tax impact and most importantly make use of the expertise of a company such as ourselves.

Whilst we will assist you with the sale and or purchase of property in any jurisdiction we have identified 5 international hotspots for various reasons as detailed below:


According to the World Investment Report 2018, Singapore was the fifth largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the world in 2017 and continues to hold a strong position. Singapore has been considered for many years by the World Bank as one of the best countries in the world in terms of the ease of doing business which in turn has positive effects on the real estate market, both from development and also buying and selling of international businesspeople. Singapore continues to make investment more appealing by maintaining an attractive tax regime.


Malta is not only a pretty island in the Mediterranean but a place of investment opportunity. It has strong yet cautious banking principles and these two in conjunction with individuals wanting to invest in property, have partly protected Malta’s real estate market by the global financial crisis. The investment potential lies with the fact that the real estate market here will not suffer in the future either due to the aforementioned principles and reputation the nation has.

Furthermore, the climate, the food, the hospitality, the tax system and a beneficial retirement scheme makes Malta one of the worlds top places to invest in.


The Cyprus economy has grown at a rapid rate since 2013 with foreign direct investment being one of the key factors. The upward trend in Cyprus real estate is expected to continue with data published from the Department of Lands and Surveys in 2018Q2 indicating that the total number of sales contracts recorded an annual increase of 11.7%. In particular rental properties and “fixer-uppers” have become a popular investment strategy that guarantees a return on investment with many investors benefiting from the Cyprus Investment Program when purchasing real estate. The Cyprus Citizenship program remains one of the most reputable and beneficial investment programs around today.


The Portuguese capital Lisbon is experiencing a real estate revival. It’s currently in the spotlight as it’s been ranked the best city for investment and development prospects by PwC for 2019. This decision is based on affordable house prices, a low cost of living and improving transport links. High returns are on offer for investors with gross residential yields in 2018 of 8%. What is key to mention also, is the very low taxes this country has to offer when it comes to investments.


Dubai is well known for investment and continues to live up to its reputation. Dubai attracts international investment with relatively low-interest rates and the increase of economic activity. Now in Dubai, foreign investors owning a real estate investment value between $1.36 million to $2.72 million will also be eligible for a long-stay visa. Due to these exciting factors, many individuals are drawn to Dubai when investing.

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