“What National Property Connections don’t know about intuitive property buying and selling methods probably isn’t worth knowing ”

How We Can Help You

We are Professional Property Specialists and in short, what we don’t know about getting property sold fast with the assistance of our various intuitive property sale methods, probably isn’t worth knowing.

Sourcing property is a time consuming activity that requires a rigorous due diligence process to ensure that the very best outcomes are achieved for our clients and our property sourcing team scale the length and breath of the country in pursuit of quality property developments or below market value (BMV) property purchases that we present to our clients.

In addition to the traditional method of buying the freehold/leasehold of a property, we also offer innovative new ways to get involved in the property market through investment opportunities that allow sophisticated retail investors to benefit from safe secure opportunities that offer good yields in the form of Property Loan Notes and Property Investment Bonds which have the added benefit of enabling the investor to adopt a hands off approach.

It is important that we speak with you about your investment goals and as such, we assign an experienced property agent to each enquiry. Everyone is different and some of our older clients are seeking higher monthly income to supplement their income in retirement. Whereas busy professionals may prefer to invest with a lower deposit and value building a property portfolio over immediate income. We provide guidance and source property for investors where ever in the world they may be, for many of whom our guaranteed yield and or fully managed developments are vital for overseas investors who are seeking hassle-free passive investments.

Our extensive industry knowledge has enabled us to develop various intuitive property buying and selling methods in the form of being able to Guarantee the purchase of any property.

Our Guaranteed Fast Cash Sale process offers you the opportunity of being able to sell your property in as little as 7 days with cash paid to you for your property upon completion. Whatever your circumstances, our Guaranteed Fast Cash Sale process ensures that we are able to get you the best price for your property whilst adhering to your timeframe requirements. Our network of buyers has a large, diverse funding pool with cash waiting who are competing with each other to buy over £100million of property every year, so we can guarantee to offer more than any other property buying service, faster than any other property buying service.

Our Rent 2 Buy (Receive up to 120% of RICS) scheme works differently to a traditional property sale transaction (whereby the buyer needs a mortgage in order to proceed) in favour of Vendors and Buyers who are introduced to each other via their mutual relationship with us and operating through their own fully managed contractual agreement in which the buyer pays the vendor for the property over a number of years. (anything from 5 to 20).

Whilst this intelligent vendor financed sales process won’t suit all vendors, if you do not need all of the money for your property as an upfront lump sum, you will reap significant benefits on the basis that you will be able to command a significant sales price premium of up to 120% combined with your property being available to 100% of the population and not just the 60% who can get a mortgage.

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